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José Ignacio Vivero has been immersed in the world of art since he was a little kid growing up in Ecuador. At the age of 19, he started working as a professional actor under the direction of the well-known Ecuadorian playwright José Martínez Queirolo (1931-2008). He has also studied dance, puppetry, video production, and arts education. He was part of the prestigious puppet troop La Rana Sabia making puppetry for all ages and working with a number of organizations including UNICEF. His passion for puppetry is evident in his work with actors, as he continually emphasizes the power of imagery and the importance of stretching the imagination. He is excited to be back in NYC after spending two years writing and directing a children’s show for Ecuadorian television and presiding over the jury of the Festival de Teatro Escolar (National Youth Theater Festival) in the Dominican Republic.  He is currently working with his company PinProductions on Lorca's El Retablillo de Don Cristóbal.



FAAL Award for Best Puppet Show

ACE Award  for Best Actor

José Ignacio Vivero is a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab .





“José Ignacio Vivero draws effervescent performances from a likable cast,

and bolster the comedy with visual wit.”


-California Literary Review

The Importance of doing  Art   by Susannah Dalton
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